Why Eat Hot Sauce? - Hot sauce on avocado toast

Why Eat Hot Sauce?

There is a decades old question...why eat spicy food? 

People have been eating spice for centuries, but did you know that there is actual science behind spicy food? 

Your body releases endorphins when you consume it. Meaning, it makes you happy!!
Yes, even feeling the burn on your tongue can make you happy. If you've experienced a "runner's high" then you've experienced the endorphins running through your body. And, hot sauce is more popular than you'd think.

"Fifty-six per cent of households have hot sauce on hand in their kitchens, and sriracha, an Asian hot sauce, is stocked in 9% of total U.S. households and 16% of households headed by someone under age 35, according to the NPD Group’s audit of U.S. kitchens." (FoodBusinessNews)

It's free of carbs, fat, and protein. Pile it on to be really saucy without the calories.

Other facts about hot sauce: 

Capsaicin in peppers helps lower the LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases HDL (good cholesterol).

May assist in helping to manage weight

Anti-Inflammatory properties.

And much much more.


If you find yourself questioning whether you should start eating hot sauce, start small. Envy, For the Love of Trees, or For the Love of Bees are great warmups for the pallet. Or if you love a great buffalo sauce, Red Hot Griff is your jam. 


If you're in the Traverse City Area, Come to our Hot Sauce Tasting Room, come have a 1 on 1 tasting experience with us! 1125 E 8th St, Traverse City, MI 

Practice Safe Eating, Always Use a Condiment.


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