Spicy Mule: The Drink with a Kick

Spicy Mule: The Drink with a Kick

GTSC Moscow Mule

Our newest drink mix, Spicy Mule, is our take on the signature Moscow Mule. 

Replacing the ginger beer and lime juice, this drink mix you're going to want to have around on the hottest of days. Pour in the format of your favorite Moscow Mule recipe, or have it in sparkling water or lemonade to switch things up a bit!


Grand Traverse Sauce Company Spicy Mule

2 oz Spicy Mule Mix
1-2oz of liquor (we suggest vodka, bourbon or rum)
Club Soda
Fresh Mint
Copper Cup (suggested)

Fill cup with ice. Pour in liquor of choice followed by the Mule mix. Top off with club soda and garnish with fresh mint. 


*one can always add more ginger beer to their drink if they'd like to! Or replacing the club soda with sparkling water or other soda of choice.



Sparkling water - add 1-2oz Spicy Mule to 1 8 oz glass (depending on how strong you like it).
Lemonade - Add 1-2 oz Spicy Mule per drink to 1 8oz glass (depending on how strong you like it) 


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Is it not good with ginger beer?

Cindy Moss

Bought a couple 16 oz bottles of Spicy Mule at Northville Made in Michigan -utterly addictive with and without alcohol!

Nancy J Long

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